About Mary Helen

Mary Helen Fein was born in Riverdale, New York, in 1943. Her father was from a large New York family, and in 1939, he was the first Jewish boy to attend Georgia Tech. At school in Atlanta, he met Mary Helen’s mother, a beautiful 16-year-old Atlanta girl. Upon his graduation, they married and moved to New York. Mary Helen was born soon after. She attended schools in New York, and she has a B.A. in English Literature from Temple University, an MS in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and for two years, she studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, America’s oldest art school.

Today she lives in Northern California where she designs websites, writes, paints and teaches Insight meditation. In 2014, she completed her novel Loss of Deliverance, the story of a young woman’s adventures in the drug trade during the 1960s.

She has recently completed her second novel, Stitches in Time, An Immigration Story. This is an historical novel based on the life of her grandmother, Helen Fein. Helen came all alone to New York City’s Lower East Side as a young girl in the year 1900. Gradually she worked to bring her entire family to New York. Jews everywhere were flocking to the New World to escape the virulent anti-Semitism of Europe and Russia. Helen worked hard in the garment industry, married her true love, and lived a long and productive life. Her story is the story of how immigrants worked hard and made The United States a great country.